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We are dedicated to helping you realize your financial goals and take control of your future. We develop customized financial plans and manage your investments efficiently. We help you plan ahead, understand all the options available and enable you to make fully informed decisions.

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Goal based Financial planning.

It starts and ends with YOU. Financial advice should revolve around the individual, not products. We are not affiliated with any Bank, Mutual Fund or Insurance company, and do not sell financial products. We are a fee-only service, which means that we work only for you and in your best interest. We create value for you by developing customized strategies, researching and recommending products that best fit your needs, reducing commissions, costs and hidden fees. The end financial benefit to you is much more than the fees you pay. LEARN MORE.


Holistic financial plan.
Importance of a goal based holistic financial plan.

You are more likely to attain your financial goals with a written financial plan. It puts all the pieces together in an efficient and cost effective manner, keeping your goals in focus. Above all, it gives you clarity and helps you make the right financial decisions. It is a big task, but it is what we love to help people like you with.



One of the few trusted fee-only Financial Planners in India, licensed by SEBI as a ‘Registered Investment Adviser’ (RIA)





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Unique Features

Expenses Optimization & Goal Analysis
Retirement Analysis
Future Cash Flow Projections
Investment Recommendation
Risk Management

Benefits of financial planning

Achieve your life’s most important goals confidently and feel proud.

Children’s Education – Children’s Marriage – Buying a house – Retirement Fund.

Tax planning helps you save tax and leaves more money in hand.

Invest in right tax-saving products for optimum return and matching your cashflow.

The right investment options.

Invest in investment products that suits your investment horizon & risk appetite.

Ensures that you cover all your risks.

Create the best combination – get high insurance cover by paying low premium.

Why Treasure Equity?

At Treasure Equity, our endeavour is not to sell you yet another financial product but help you with a comprehensive financial solution.
We customise the financial plan to suit to your requirement.


The better we know you, the better we can customise the financial plan.

How to Choose the Best Financial Advisor in India


If you are confused about how to choose the best financial advisor in India, thank Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), as it came out with the SEBI Investment Adviser regulations in 2013 to regulate the activities of people who called themselves financial advisors. finencial advisor in jaipur

This regulation was brought in to protect the interest of investors who were taken for a ride by people who were not qualified to provide investment advice. SEBI mandates that compulsory registration for any individual/entity wishing to provide investment advisory services. Best finance planner in jaipur

The SEBI website should help you see the list of SEBI Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) in India. This list is exhaustive, but doesn’t differentiate between, fee based and fee only financial planners.

Treasure Equity is one of very few Fee Only Financial Planner in India, you can book a free consultation call with us to understand our fee only financial planning services.