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Best Mediclaim Policy/ Health Insurance in Jaipur

A Mediclaim policy / health insurance policy is a comprehensive medical insurance plan that is used to provide a safety cover to a person and their family members against any medical emergencies or against any major diseases or illnesses. These plans can provide a sense of relief to the insured person from the financial aspect of the hospitalization and the treatment costs. Mediclaim policy / health insurance policy is one of the easiest ways to get peace of mind against any medical situation. Having Mediclaim policy / health insurance policy in place will not put any burden on the insured person and their family.

The health industry in Jaipur city has many public and private hospitals that are used to provide medical attention to the citizens of Jaipur. However, the reality is that the health sector needs a lot of improvement to be able to provide quality medical attention to every citizen of Jaipur. The health industry in Jaipur city has many public and private hospitals that are used to provide medical attention to the citizens of Jaipur. However, the reality is that the health sector needs a lot of improvement to be able to provide quality medical attention to every citizen of Jaipur.

Although Mediclaim policy /health insurance policy  is essential  for every person, there are only a fraction of citizens in Jaipur that have any form of a health insurance/Mediclaim policy for themselves or their family members. It is estimated that overall, in the entire country, only about 20% of the population has a decent mediclaim policy/health insurance policy. This shows that there is a long way to go for general awareness regarding mediclaim policy/health insurance policy.

Did you know that Indian insurance companies have been consistently posting high Incurred Claims Ratio (ICR) in mediclaim policy/health insurance policy – to the tune of 97%? This is good news for policy takers. The public sector undertakings have been especially generous, with 3 out of 4 such companies posting more than 100% ICR in the fiscal year 2013-14. ICR denotes the ratio of overall claim amount paid (losses incurred) with respect to the amount that the company received as premiums. A high ICR rating implies that the company has been potentially paying out almost all the claims. Government controlled insurance firms have a higher ICR of almost 100%, while most of the private firms also have good ICR ratios from a clients’ perspective.

There are several reasons why mediclaim policy/health insurance policies are essential for every person in Jaipur. Some of such reasons are highlighted below.

Coverage provided by most plans

The coverage provided by most mediclaim policy/health insurance policy includes the cost of hospitalization, the cost of treatment, doctor fees, ambulance costs, cost of medicines, etc. This helps them get the necessary treatment without worrying about any charges.

Cashless medical treatment

Most insurers have a tie-up with the majority of hospitals in Jaipur. This benefit allows the insured person to have a cashless treatment at the network of hospitals. There is no need to pay any upfront cash payment at the time of hospital admission or anytime during the hospitalization of the insured person or any person covered under the mediclaim policy/health insurance policy.

Coverage for Covid 19 treatment

The recent pandemic has shaken every person has affected a significant portion of the population of the city. Having a mediclaim policy/health insurance policy can now get the insured person coverage against Covid 19. The cost of treatment whether at the hospital or a home treatment is covered under the mediclaim policy/health insurance policy along with the cost of essential supplies for the treatment like PPE kits, gloves, masks, ventilators, ICU charges, etc.

Maternity and newborn benefits

Mediclaim policy / health insurance policy

Most mediclaim policy/health insurance policy providers also provide for maternity cover as well as cover for the newborn child (up to the age of 18 years or 25 years as per insurer’s guidelines). These additional benefits can be included in the existing mediclaim policy/health insurance policy in the form of riders if they are not already provided.

Coverage for the cost of major surgeries and treatments

Mediclaim policy/health insurance policy also provide cover for any major procedures like organ transplants, treatment for major diseases or illnesses as per the insurer guidelines

Different Type of Mediclaim Policy/Health Insurance Plans

Individual Plan

This is among the most common mediclaim policy/health insurance also known as medical plans, that is available to customers. This plan helps in covering the medical costs of the individual. The insurer is also responsible for paying the medical bills of the insured person.

Family Floater Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is to provide health insurance cover for the entire family. The term family includes parents, children, and spouses under a single plan. The premium on such plans is based on the total number of people that are covered under the plan, the age and health conditions of the senior-most person included in the plan.

Disease-Specific Plan

These plans are in the nature of specific plans that are formulated especially for people that are prone to specific diseases either directly or indirectly. These plans do not have any age limits that have to be monitored for eligibility. If the person is diagnosed with the said disease, this policy will help in covering the costs from diagnosis to recovery.

Critical Illness Plan

This plan is used to cover life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke, kidney-related ailments, etc. Such diseases require a great amount of medical attention. The cost of these treatments is huge are usually not covered under a standard medical insurance plan. These plans are usually a good option for people who have a history of critical illnesses in the family.

Senior Citizen Plan

Mediclaim policy/health insurance also provides separate plans for senior citizens. This is a better option as compared to a family floater plan as the coverage can be dedicated exclusively towards the senior citizens and the premium costs will also not be as high.

When a senior citizen is included in a family floater plan, the premium cost increases on account of many factors like age of the persons covered under the plan, number of family members covered under the plan, any pre-existing medical conditions, etc. These plans do have a high premium but the benefits provided outweigh the cost. Senior citizens can get multiple benefits like extensive coverage, multiple hospital visits, treatments, home treatments, medicines, etc.

Group Insurance Plan

This is the health plan which is offered by an employer to the employees. In this case, the organization takes a blanket policy for the entire staff. It is a standard health insurance policy with lower premiums and coverage. Usually, the coverage provided is to the tune of Rs. 5,00,000 and includes the family of the employee under the plan (provided it is approved by the employer and the insurer).

Things to Consider Before Buying Mediclaim Policy/ Health Insurance

Mediclaim policy / health insurance policy

With so many options available, it can get confusing to find a mediclaim policy/health insurance that would work just right for you. Do not worry, we have simplified this for you. Here is a quick rundown of the 10 things that you can consider to buy the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family:

1. The Age Criteria

Age is one of the crucial deciding factors when it comes to mediclaim policy/health insurance. While purchasing a medical policy do keep in mind the age of the family members who need to be insured. Like in a family floater policy, the cost of premium would depend on the age of the eldest family member. 

Also, you would need to check out the age limit criterion when buying a health insurance cover.

2. The Right Combination of Premium and Coverage

It can be lucrative to buy mediclaim policy/health insurance with the lowest premium. But there can be two sides to it. A policy with a lesser premium can be good if it is offering you extensive coverage at a premium that you can pay. The other aspect is lesser premium at the cost of the insurance coverage.  You should buy a policy that offers adequate coverage, without compromising on the benefits and at a premium that you can afford.

3. The Waiting Period Clause 

If you are aware of the waiting period clause then you would be in a better position to make a decision. The insurer will not accept any claim arising out of pre-existing illnesses or specific illnesses during this period. And it can range anywhere between 24 months and 48 months depending on the insurer and the plan that you have chosen. Moreover, you will be able to claim the benefits only when this period is over.  So, you can compare and choose a plan that comes with a minimum waiting period to be able to claim the benefits in case of a health emergency.

4. Cashless Hospitalization Benefits

Mediclaim policy/health insurance companies usually have a tie-up with network hospitals where the insured members can avail cashless treatment in case of a medical emergency. It saves you from the tedious paperwork that is required at the time of admission and claim. Moreover, the insurer pays the sum insured directly to the hospital. 

So you don’t need to arrange for funds and then file for its reimbursement. It will be helpful if you check with your insurer for the list of empanelled hospitals and know what all network hospitals are there in your City.

5. Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage

Most mediclaim policy/health insurance policies cover the medical expenses that are incurred during the hospitalization. Buy a plan that covers expenses incurred before and after the hospitalization as well to save expenses incurred on ambulance charges, medical tests, medicines, doctor fees, etc.

6. Coverage of Maternity Expenses

Ignoring the maternity benefits in a mediclaim policy/health insurance policy is a common mistake that a lot of people make. With the cost of delivery and maternity care already hitting the roof, it is better to buy a health plan that covers maternity expenses as well.  Choose a plan that also covers newborn baby medical expenses apart from the delivery cost. Also, do not forget to check the limitations that are attached to it.

7. No-Claim-Bonus/No-Claim-Discount

NCB refers to the discount offered by the insurance company for all the years that you have not filed a claim. Basically your coverage amount is increased at the time of subsequent policy renewals for all claim-free years. 

However, most health insurance provides specify the NCB limit. And the increase in the sum insured would depend on the limit that is specified by the insurer. 

10. Claim Process

Check the policy wordings and go through the health insurance claim process that is followed by the insurance company. A smooth claim procedure is a boon at the time of settling health claims. You can do some research, read customer reviews online and select a health insurance provider that is known for its seamless claim settlement services.

The next step is to make a shortlist of all plans that meet your requirements. The final step is to compare plan benefits, coverage, and costs to choose the right one that best suits your needs. Once you have finalized a plan, visit the website of the insurer to complete the purchase.

Alternatively, you can contact us. We have expertise in this Industry. will provide you quote for the best health plans that fit your requirements.


1. What is the minimum age required to be eligible for a health insurance plan?

A. The minimum age required to be eligible for a health insurance plan is 18 years.

2. Can a newborn be included in the health insurance plan?

A. Yes, many insurers include a newborn under the existing health insurance plan. The underlying condition for the same is that the waiting period for the same will be 90 days from the time of the birth.

3. Can a group health insurance policy be converted to an individual cover?

A. Yes. Upon leaving the organization, the employee has the option to convert the group health insurance plan to an individual plan provided it is approved by the insurer.

4. What are the exclusions from a health insurance policy?

A. Exclusions are the pre-existing conditions or diseases where the insurer can be exempted from making the settlement of the claim.

5. Can a person have multiple health insurance plans?

A. Yes, a person can have multiple health insurance plans and they can all stay active provide the premium for all the plans is paid duly.

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